i honestly feel like im at the lowest in my life right now. i don’t know if i will ever get back up.


nak ke tak nak?

Wedding update!

Ah yes finally i have something to update! Life has been rather crazy past few months that made wedding a lesser priority. Im actually amazed at myself for having to juggle full time work + part time studies + photography assignments and social life all at once. sis busy teramat sangat 🤣

Alhamdulillah, the wedding date is finally settled. Me and the Mr decided to do a separate wedding on two different days. His family came over during the EidulAdha weekend to have a discussion about it and although i had to compromise the date, i actually am redha for it.

On another note, i just spent my Saturday with wedding errands! I feel so grown up having to make all this choices. My mum keep saying “You make your own decision. How you want anot?” makes me feel so kakak-kakak lah. All this while she helped me make all this big decisions, and now its the opposite.

I really wanted the O Ballroom at TKC but it was already booked when i called. So i decided to go with the next choice, DP.

We had our first food tasting at the DP at Novotel Clarke Quay. Food was actually quite good! But it was abit over the budget. So void deck je lah.

We also went for another appointment at Yishun. It was for the decor. A close friend of mine recommended it to me and i fell in love with it instantly. Also because ive seen their work with my own eyes. Right after he explained what is included in the package, i looked at my mom, she said the same exact sentence, and immediately asked what is the initial deposit amount. Takde tunggu lagi! 🤣

Inspiration for the big day. Keeping it here so i can look back on this nearer to the planning date. hehehehe

I can now check Deco off my checklist, YAY! 🎉

Ill blog more soon, Insya Allah, especially about my BTO appointment coming up soon in a few days! Dua for me yeah? 😊

marriage course?

So i was tasked my the Mr to survey around for marriage course. We are planning to attend them by end of the year. Honestly, i would really prefer if it is in english. Not that i cant speak malay lah 🤣, i can. But it would feel much more comfortable in english kan? I really dont know where to start. Anyone has recommendations, please comment yeah? Thanks korang. ❤️

what if?

what would it be like at this very moment if i had decided something different then? what if i decided to get out of my comfort zone then, would it be different? how different would it be? would i regret it?


what if…

p.s. i can’t believe i totally forgot to publish this!

I finally turn twenty three and i can’t thank Allah enough for this journey.

My last day of being twenty-two was spent at work (as per normal) and later a night spent with my bestfriend for a heart to heart talks and all.

But the best part was the first day of being twenty-three. This year was the first year i get to spend my birthday with my fiancé. Alah, fiancé je pun. But give me chance lah korang. hehehehe! I still remember asking him few days before my birthday, if he could out-do the surprise picnic i organised for him on his birthday, and he replied he couldn’t be bothered to accept challenge. TO MY SURPRISE, HE DEFINITELY OUTDID IT!!!!

Here’s how it goes.

1. He fetched me from my doorstep, with a bouquet of flowers that he bought and arranged himself. This guy, never fail to amaze me!

2. He got us tickets to Spiderman: Homecoming. The movie itself was kinda disappointing. I still prefer Tobey Mcguire as Spiderman, to be honest.


Late lunch/ dinner here as we have been dying to try this place out. Ya Allah, sedap gile pls! I guess its a birthday girl kind of luck where there wasn’t any queue!

With us being such hardcore fans of The Flash, he got us both STAR LABS shirt! Ala-ala couple shirt lah

4. Here’s the best part.

I told him that one of the things i want to do on my birthday was to spend a few hours just chilling at Central Perk Cafe. if you guys are a fan of FRIENDS, this is a place you have to go.

That night turns out to be a trivia night for Friends’ fans! Little did i know, he had tricks up his sleeves. I was called out, as the first contestant to answer trivia questions. My legs were trembling lah at that moment.

Suddenly, in the background, All Of Me by John Legend started playing. In my head, i was like oh nice background music. TURNS OUT HE WAS SINGING IT FOR ME! And in front of me, on a projector screen, was a slide show of my unglam photos! My heart was exploding. I was crying and laughing at the same time. *tears of joy

After the whole song ended, he came up to me, and said “Ive never really asked this before…”

He kneeled in front of me, “Will you marry me?”

I couldn’t take this. Is he really doing this? Its like in a movie. Omg this is really happening!

Of course i said yes. But i got proposed with a G-Shock watch! Hahahahah! Below are screenshots from a video that a guy recorded for us. Such a sweet heart that he recorded the whole thing and offered to send it to us!

No doubt he took a birthday celebration up a notch!

Although we are already engaged, he made a fantasy and a dream come alive.

I love you, always have and always will.


I get butterflies in my stomach each time im meeting you. My cheeks turns red everytime i hear you call my name. I can stare at you for hours and never get bored. I can’t help but laugh at the lame jokes you make. Most importantly, i can’t help myself but smile everytime i look at the ring you gave me. 

So much has changed since the day we met. We have been through a rough start but look where we are now. The challenges each of us had to go through to get to where we are now has made us a better person today.

I cant wait for the day you will be standing in front of me as my imam, praying to Him for our happiness and blessings. 

There’s no doubt that i have fallen for you. And i pray that He won’t take away this feeling from me, and that He bless this beautiful feeling i have for you. 

One down.

Been so busy with work and school and everything else, we have both been neglecting wedding planning. Everything else has taken our energy away that we are so tired and rarely has time to meet too sometimes. But we finally got one thing settled! Its the only thing im so sure of. 

☑️ Bridal 

Many more things to settle but this will do for now. 😊